Event Information

24KM Jumbo-Holdsworth

Following the classic circuit in an anti-clockwise direction, the course will take competitors along graded tracks until climbing steeply out of the tree-line onto exposed ridges. Once traversing between Jumbo and Holdsworth, you follow graded paths downhill to the finish. This course suits fit competitors with reasonable mountain and trail experience.

24KM Holdsworth-Jumbo

The clockwise rendition of the course. You climb rather steep graded paths until hitting the exposed ridges above the tree-line. After traversing between Holdsworth and Jumbo, you descend down a rugged path to the valley, finishing along a fast flat river path. This course suits fit competitors with reasonable mountain and trail experience.

12KM Hooper Loop

Keeping mainly within the bush, this circuit encompasses graded tracks with a reasonably steep hill climb during the middle section of the race. This trail will suit the novice through to the elite!

Event Dates and Start Times

Event day is Saturday 25th January 2020 (Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

Registration opens 6.30am.

On the day entries and changing courses close 7.15am - No exceptions.

Jumbo-Holdsworth 24km & Holdsworth-Jumbo 24km
Race Briefing - 7.45am
Race Start 8.00am.

Hooper Loop 12km
Race Briefing - 8.45am
Race Start 9.00am.

Race Categories

Note: for the 24km races, placings are only given to those in the category that are fastest among either direction.

Open Men - Under 40 years
Open Women - Under 40 years
Vet Men - 40 years and over
Vet Women - 40 years and over

Compulsor Gear Requirements

All the below equipment is MANDATORY. No exceptions.

Jumbo-Holdsworth 24km & Holdsworth-Jumbo 24km

A map of the course
Survival Blanket
Over trousers or long johns (polyprop/wool)
Polyprop/wool top, hat and gloves
Rain/windproof jacket

Hooper Loop 12km

A map of the course
Polyprop/wool top (worn or carried)
hat and gloves
Rain/windproof jacket

All competitors will need to have their gear checked at registration before they can start.

Race referees will exercise the right to refuse entry to or disqualify competitors who do not carry the correct gear and comply with safety requirements.

Recommended Equipment

We recommend you also have sunscreen, sunhat, good trail shoes and if you plan to take some time, your own water and food. 

Nourishment during the race i.e. drinks, food, gels etc. are your concern. The availability of water will be advised at race briefing as seasonal conditions can affect supply at the huts enroute.

On the course aid

Marshals are situated around the course at various junctions, and at the huts along the way.

Jumbo Hut, Powell Hut and Atiwhakatu Hut are marshaled with radios, and here the marshals will take your split times.

At these three huts there will be water* and lollies available for you to consume/take with you.

We will have a tail end charlie for each course, and a roaming medic. 

There area also marshals situated at the peaks of Jumbo and Holdsworth.

*Note: The availability of water will be advised at race briefing as seasonal conditions can affect supply at the huts enroute.

The race start and finish location

The race starts from the gate at the end of the Mt Holdsworth DOC campsite.  Google Maps

The race finishes at the Holdsworth lodge, 500 meters up the road from the gate.

Camping is available overnight at the DOC campsite, DOC camp fee's apply. See the DOC website for more info

Registration is under the shelter to the right of the gate. Breifings are at the gate.

There are toilet blocks located throughout the campsite, with toilets available by the registration for the start, and more situated by the Holdsworth Lodge at the finish.

Coffee will be available to purchase at the start and finish, cash only.

There will be a free light lunch offered to competitors from 11.30am at the finish.

Prizegiving will be held as soon as possible after the last competitor has finished. Should there be a delay causing this to extend past a reasonable time, prize giving will go ahead from around 1.30.

Race Rules - please read

  • Race referees reserve the right to withdraw any competitors deemed to be at risk.
  • The Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race will have a cut-off time of 2 hrs 10 minutes enforced at Jumbo Hut. However, if a competitor fails to reach the Atiwhakatu hut in 1hr 5mins they will be withdrawn at that point or at the race director’s discretion. Any competitor taking longer will not be allowed to continue.
  • The Holdsworth-Jumbo Trail Race will have a cut-off time of 1 hr 50 minutes enforced at Powell Hut or at the Race Directors discretion. Any competitor taking longer will not be allowed to continue.
  • Competitors must be responsible for the safety of other competitors. Anyone encountering another in difficulty must offer assistance, and then notify the nearest race official so that help can be actioned. A time adjustment will be offered for your assistance - this applies to both races.
  • Competitors on the JHTR may encounter a wait at the 1st swing bridge as there is a limit of 1 person at a time to cross.
  • All runners are to remain on established tracks and not damage vegetation by setting your own course.
  • All competitors to display race numbers clearly at all times, especially at checkpoints.
  • All food and wrappings are to be carried on a "pac in - pac out" basis. Any runner reported discarding rubbish purposefully will be disqualified.
  • Any competitor pulling out of either event for any reason after race start MUST report to the race director at race control before leaving the park so their absence can be accounted for.
  • The Tararua Forest park will be open and operating, so please be careful and considerate of other track users. 
  • All competitors to be over the age of 18yrs as at 25/01/2020 or at the organisers discretion.

Course Descriptions

Jumbo-Holdsworth and Holdsworth Jumbo 24km Courses

Download the map and profile here

The Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race starts at 8am from the Mt Holdsworth H.Q. carpark, Tararua Forest Park. The race proceeds through Donnelly's Flat to join the undulating Atiwhakatu track to Atiwhakatu Hut (7.5km). From here a steep ascent commences via the Rain Gauge track to reach Jumbo Hut (10km) 1105m before continuing on to reach the Jumbo summit - 1405m. At the summit runners make a left turn at the marshalled sign to head south along the undulating main range to Mt Holdsworth Trig (14km) 1470m. From the Trig runners turn left again to commence the decent via Powell Hut (15.7km) 1160m to Holdsworth Lodge and finish line via the well graded Gentle Annie Track.

The Holdsworth-Jumbo Trail Race is the exact opposite with both events getting divided at the Gentle Annie Turnoff. Holdsworth-Jumbo competitors will be turned left and Jumbo-Holdsworth will continue straight through to Donnelly's Flat.

The Hooper Loop 12km Course

Download the map and profile here

The Hooper Loop Trail Race starts at 9.00am from the Mt Holdsworth Headquarters carpark. This race proceeds through Donnelly Flat - along the Atiwhakatu track for 4km and then, a left turn onto the River Ridge track to ascend to the Gentle Annie track junction 650m. Runners will then descend to the Holdsworth Lodge and finish line via the Gentle Annie track.